We're proud to say this project has secured second funding from Mayflower 400 Community Sparks, which supports grass-roots community, arts and cultural activities linked to Mayflower 400. We intend to launch in May 2019 so there is plenty of time to design your brick!

I chose the Glen Park Avenue Steps site because local councillors Margaret Corvid and Chaz Singh informed me that this area had been in need of restoration for decades. My father grew up in a poor area in Plymouth and I studied Fine Art Practices at Plymouth College of Art in my mid twenties, so returning to this city to make a project was an easy decision to make.

I recently recruited Jed Boyle, the creator of this site through Plymouth College of Art’s Agency programme that links emerging artists to paid opportunities. I will be working at the steps with a number of local charities starting in 2020, so watch this space to find out when you can come to the wall and create something special on one of the 3125 bricks! Click here to join the Facebook group

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