The project started as a self funded experiment in Stokes Croft in Bristol, an area where for many years activists and artists have struggled to expose the injustice of gentrification. We gave the community an opportunity to work side by side with people with whom they wouldn't have otherwise communicated, realising the potential to explore public expression and relationships between strangers.

After an area is chosen, local people are invited to paint one brick each with the support of an Artist Facilitator from The Brick Project and local artists acting as Assistant Artist Facilitators. Individuals can paint anything they want; simple, detailed, written, or drawn. All materials are provided by us. After each event is complete the bricks or tiles are coated with anti-graffiti epoxy resin.

We photograph each brick and upload it onto this website. The artist’s name and title of their brick will be displayed when the mouse hovers over it. By examining each brick as it is completed, we ensure the final designs are appropriate and keep in line with the project’s ethics.









To browse my personal artwork, please visit my website at: www.danpetley.co.uk

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